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Top 7 Summer Skincare Tips

DDDDWith summer in full swing, skincare and protection against the sun is extremely important. Outdoor hangouts, breezy clothes, sandals, and sun-kissed skin is what marks summer but with beach hair and tan lines comes problems related to skin! Sunburns, dark spots, oily skin, and clogged pores to name a few. 

Skincare Tips for Summer Skin

Summer should be all about being carefree and having fun! With these summer skincare tips and tricks, be sure to have fun while staying radiant! 

Apply and Re-apply SPF Daily

This one is pretty obvious and most people have picked that baking your skin in the sun is out and protecting it with SPF is in. SPF prevents the skin from the harsh rays of the sun and saves it against fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and skin cancer. Also, note that it is important to re-apply sunscreen every couple of hours so be sure to pack extra product for your outdoor hangouts! 

Lighten up Your Skincare Routine

As the weather becomes warmer and the wardrobe becomes lighter, it is essential that your skincare routine changes as you go. Hot and humid weather does not really go with dense or heavier, cream-based formulas, so be sure to swap them with a lightweight cleanser such as the Clarifying Oil-Free Cleanser and an airy moisturizer that helps pamper the skin while letting it breathe. 

Don’t Forget to Moisturize 

Oily and sweaty skin may give you the impression that using a moisturizer is completely off the table but remember that an extra layer of sweat on your face does not count as a moisturizer. Summer skin tends to sweat excessively, losing its moisture. A lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer ensures that the skin is replenished with hydration while also preventing substance build-up and breakouts. Arvelon’s Clarifying Creme is an airy formula infused with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory plant extracts to keep your skin looking its best! 


Removing pore-clogging surface impurities and dulling dead skin cells from the skin with the help of an exfoliant is a great way to diminish discoloration and prevent breakouts. The Clarifying Microfoliant Scrub is a gentle formula with pore-clearing ingredients. It is skin-friendly, has a super light texture, and ensures sensitive skin types are never left irritated.

Stay in the Shade

Skincare experts recommend wearing sun-protective clothing on sunny days and all through summer. While we do not expect you to wear long-sleeved shirts on your day out at the beach, make wide-brim hats, umbrellas, and sunglasses your best friend! Be mindful of exposing as little of your body as possible when in direct sunlight even if you have sunscreen on. 

Don’t Neglect Your Eyes and Lips

Just like the rest of your face, the lips need pampering too. The skin on the lips and around the eyes is extremely sensitive, however, they often go unprotected from the sun. These two regions on the face are most prone to the signs of aging which makes it crucial that you pay extra attention to them during the hot, sunny days. 

Hydrate Yourself

Whatever you consume tends to show up on your skin. Be sure to hydrate your body as a well-hydrated body keeps skin looking fresh, dewy, and radiant. While it is generally recommended to drink 8 cups of water per day, during periods of workouts and excessive sweating you definitely need more! Be it in the form of drinks, refreshing mocktails, or fruit salads - keep yourself hydrated all through summer for bright, healthy skin. 

Need Skincare Consultation? 

Arvelon is dedicated to helping you get glowing, healthy skin naturally. Whether you are looking for anti-aging solutions, are worried about acne and breakouts, or want to upgrade your overall skin health - reach out to us on our consultation page and get your FREE skin consultation now!