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5 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Breaking Out

Waking up to a pimple that will definitely turn into a major breakout is frustrating! Although you've been following your 5 step skincare routine, you've been eating healthy, working out, keeping those stress levels in check and it's not even that time of the month, then why is your skin going haywire?

You can place blame on hormone fluctuations, your period, and stress all you want but the occasional flare-up has nothing to do with it. Sometimes these factors, although quite surprising, might be why you're breaking out.  

5 Reasons Why You Might Be Breaking Out 

Your Cellphone. A phone date with your long-distance best friend or never-ending work calls might be the main culprit behind those chin breakouts. This is because pressing your cheek and chin against the phone for longer periods causes oil build-up along with germs from your cell phone, causing a sudden acne flare-up. To avoid this, use a hands-free or opt for the speakerphone option or wipe your phone with an anti-bacterial wipe if you must directly speak into your phone. 

Your Morning Cuppa. Dermatologists have found a strong connection between acne and dairy products. Since most of the milk we consume is produced by pregnant cows, the hormones are often passed along that can send your oil glands into overdrive. To avoid this, substitute your regular milk with healthy alternatives with almond milk or coconut milk. While it may seem like a smart option, avoid skim milk as according to research it has a lot more potential to cause inflammation, Who knew, right? 

Your Workout Sesh. But I thought working out led to a healthy, radiant glow? What was that all about? Yes! Working out and staying active does make the skin healthy and radiant but if you don't cleanse thoroughly after your workout routine, the excess sebum produced during the session can clog your pores and lead to pesky breakouts. Be sure to wash your face after hitting the gym, we recommend using the Clarifying Oil-Free Cleanser to regulate confused, congested skin types as it purges pores and melts dead cells to leave skin feeling soft, refreshed and less inflamed.

Your Conditioner. Conditioning the hair leaves the hair soft, luscious, and a lot more manageable. However, sometimes it may be the main cause behind breakouts. How? Most people apply the conditioner on their hair and while they allow it to soak in for a few minutes, they continue with their face and body wash, washing their hair in the end. Although conditioners are great for silky locks, they are major pore-cloggers! Make it a point to always wash your face and body after shampooing and conditioning your hair.

Your Toothpaste. Yes, really! While the internet is filled with remedies that claim toothpaste to be a skin savior, it might be the one causing it too. When brushing your teeth, toothpaste can make its way to the corner of your mouth for a bit. It contains extremely drying ingredients like menthol that cause the skin to produce unregulated amounts of sebum and eventually lead to breakouts.   

Wrap Up

There are numerous reasons why you may be breaking out, but keeping a check on these factors might save you from trouble. Follow these pointers along with maintaining a basic skincare routine, having a healthy diet, adopting an active lifestyle, and taking care of hygiene. If all else fails, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist or book a free consultation with our skincare specialists at Arvelon.