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5 Reasons Your Skin Gets So Dry in the Winter

During the winter season, applying lotion to the legs, arms and face is a routine task. It's like the skin absorbs and sucks up moisture instantly and it's time to reapply it before you know it. Commercials that show perfectly smooth skin after applying the latest creams make us believe that moisturizers are the answer to dry winter skin. But that’s not it. Moisturizer is a kind of a misnomer. Moisturizers add a little hydration to the skin, but their main purpose is to trap the moisture already present. 


Therefore, finding the right product is an important part of the formula, but increasing skin hydration levels and identifying and avoiding the habits that may cause dry, flaky skin is the true backbone of moisturized skin. 


Here are the top 5 reasons that may cause dry skin, according to dermatologists. 

You’re washing too often. Over Cleansing is the number one reason for super dry skin. The skin has a natural barrier, consisting of oil, water, and natural moisture that may be stripped when we wash our skin with a cleanser or soap too often. In that case, using oil-based cleansers is your best bet, especially during winters as it helps those dealing with bouts of dry skin by replenishing the lost moisture. For best results, washing your face before sleeping is recommended. 


Your water is too hot. We all love a long, hot shower but unfortunately, our skin just can't handle the heat! Did you know that even washing your skin with water can hurt its natural barrier? Well, the hotter the water, the better it is at that. Ouch. Excessive exposure to hot water can cause essential oils to come off the skin and cause irritation and inflammation, according to dermatologists. 


You’re using a harsh cleanser. A cleanser that disrupts the natural pH balance of your skin is the worst kind. Naturally, our skin is slightly acidic. This acidity is one of the ways our skin is protected from bacteria and other environmental aggressors. Traditional soaps (think old-school bar soaps) have an alkaline pH that can disrupt the outer layer of the skin. Therefore it is advised that you opt for a cleanser that is made by keeping the skin's natural pH in mind. The Nourishing Cleanser by Arvelon contains two types of essential ceramides to restore the skin’s barrier and is a non-comedogenic cleanser for all skin types.


You`re exfoliating more than necessary.  Exfoliating is without a doubt an important step in your skincare routine, but you can overdo it quite easily. Experts recommend keeping it to a maximum of twice a week and even less frequently than that for dry skin. When exfoliating, it's important to replenish the lost oil and hydration of the skin by adding the Nourishing Moisturizer to your daily skincare regimen.  


You’re applying your moisturizer at the wrong time. In addition to selecting the right kind of moisturizer, you also want to make sure you’re applying it correctly to avoid dry skin. Putting on moisturizer when your skin is still damp is the best way to make sure it absorbs fully. After a shower, pat dry your skin with a towel and then apply the moisturizer to lock in that moisture. The same goes for each time you wash your hands during the day. If you wait for your skin to dry completely (for example, more than 5 minutes after washing), you will miss the moisture lock-in window. 



Along with keeping these dermatologist-recommended tips in mind, you must make sure that you keep yourself hydrated and fuel up your system with fluids frequently throughout the day. Adding targeted skincare products that contain skin-friendly ingredients such as the Nourishing Range by Arvelon is key to healthy, hydrated skin. If your skin is excessively drying out without improvement, book a consultation with our skincare experts today.