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How a Bad Night’s Sleep Can Impact Your Skin

Are you lagging on catching enough ZZZ’s at night? Are you getting in bed with your smartphone in hand and pushing bedtime back, leading to not even close to eight hours of sleep a night? Let’s be honest: we’re all guilty of that. 

Not getting those precious hours in can do a number on your skin. Here’s how: 

Undernourished Skin. During a good night's sleep, the body gets rid of dead blood cells and dead brain cells, making way for new synapses to replace the old ones. It also rids the body of toxins and keeps you looking your best. However, when you skip sleep, you deprive the skin of its nourishment and keep it from that I-woke-up-like-this glow! Uh oh. 

More breakouts ahead. Yes guys, stressed skin is a thing. The stress hormone cortisol can potentially tank your skin health just like your physical health. As a result, the skin is prone to an increased number of pimples and breakouts! The good news? Cortisol levels naturally decrease when you’re sleeping. This allows the skin to regenerate and stay healthy. But miss out on sleep, and watch your skin go haywire. Ugh. 

Makes you look older. On the same note of skin being stressed, cortisol also results in collagen breakdown, the elastic tissue. By skipping on sleep, you’re welcoming premature aging, the ultimate nightmare, as the skin loses elasticity, becomes thin, lacks the time to fix cell damage, and leads to fine lines and wrinkles. While getting enough sleep is the only solution, the Revitalizing Lifting Mask can help lessen the damage with next-generation retinol. 

Say hello to dark circles. A common symptom of not getting ample sleep, dark circles are quick to show up and difficult to get rid of. As the skin goes into a poor water balance situation, dark circles and puffy eyes show up almost instantaneously. Since burning the candle at both ends is the number one reason for blood vessel dilation leading to dark circles, opt for the easier route and don't compromise on your sleep schedule, guys!

Thirsty skin. Is dry, flaky skin ever cute? We think not! Spending time away from the bedroom guarantees inflamed skin with skin-barrier dysfunction resulting in dehydrated skin. Prevent your skin from turning into a dry disaster by resting up and investing in a good hyaluronic acid infused product such as the Nourishing Moisturizer to plump up the skin and keep it from drying out. 

Tips to Get Beauty Sleep 

Just like lack of sleep leads to dull, tired skin, good sleep hygiene is a sure shot way to get that glow on. If you’re having trouble drifting off to sleep, try this: 

  1. Calm the body and relax the mind with a long, hot bath infused with essential oil of choice. It will help manage stress better, address sore muscles, and help you drift off to sleep. 
  2. Increase the exposure to light during the day and avoid taking power naps. 
  3. Skip the caffeine shot later in the day as consuming caffeine can interfere with quality sleep. 
  4. Exercise during the day and get that workout in, just not before bed. 
  5. Make sure your bed and bedsheets are soft and comfy and your bedroom is at the right temperature. 

Lack of sleep damages the skin in multiple ways. While topical products may help, getting those eight hours of sleep in is the ultimate skin hack! So, what are you waiting for? Jump into your PJ’s, turn off those lights, put on that eye mask and sleep your way to beautiful skin. 

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